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Rewriting Franco’s Spain:Marcel Proust and the Dissident Novelists of Memory by Samuel O’Donoghue
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Overview: Rewriting Franco’s Spain: Marcel Proust and the Dissident Novelists of Memory proposes a new reading of some of the most culturally significant and closely studied works of Spanish memory fiction from the past seventy years. It examines the influence of French writer Marcel Proust on fiction concerning the Spanish Civil War and Franco’s dictatorship by Carmen Laforet, Juan Goytisolo, Juan Benet, Carmen Martín Gaite, Jorge Semprún, and Javier Marías. It explores the ways in which À la recherche du temps perdu has been instrumental in these authors’ works, galvanizing their creative impetus, shaping their imaginative act, and guiding their adversarial stance toward Franco’s regime. This book illustrates how these writers use Proustian themes and techniques and thereby enhances our understanding of the function of memory and fictional creation in some of the most important milestones in contemporary Spanish literature.
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