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Pumpkins and Trickery by D.S. Mowbray (A Cupcake Shop Mystery Book 2)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, MOBI Reader, AZW Reader, 1 MB
Overview: When Ainsley visits the pumpkin patch looking for the best pumpkins in the shop that she’s going to use as season decorations on her yard, what she finds instead is the body of a man hidden underneath a pile of vines.
Stricken by the unexpected shock, she finds herself in the middle of yet another murder mystery. Detective Cassidy starts interrogating her again, and she thinks she’s part of his list of suspects again.
She has to prove him wrong and show him that she’s got nothing to do with it.
Digging into the life of the man that was murdered, Ainsley starts realizing shocking truths about the lives of people involved into the murder. Absorbed into the mystery, how will she find the time to tend to her real-life duties and this mystery that’s calling for her to solve?
Genre: Mystery Cozy


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