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Lighting Essentials: A Subject-Centric Approach for Digital Photographers by Don Giannatti
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 22.0 MB
Overview: Encouraging photographers to take a subject-oriented approach to lighting, this manual shows it is possible to make better decisions about both the technical and artistic aspects of lighting. It teaches how to identify qualities the subject possesses that the light will react with and how to use this knowledge to create perfect photographs. Through a variety of amply illustrated shoots, the book explains how to approach each image from the perspective of controlling the subject’s appearance to match the photographer’s vision for the picture. This comprehensive guide covers such topics as the benefits and drawbacks of various lighting tools, the effect of light placement, and controlling lighting ratios. Designed for intermediate-to-advanced photographers, it illustrates techniques for using light as a tool to capture the subject in the best possible manner.
Genre: Arts & Photography > Photography & Video > Lighting


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