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How Long Can a Fly Fly?: 175 Answers to Possible and Impossible Questions about Animals by Lars-Åke Janzon (Lars-Ake Janzon)
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Overview: Get to know more than the usual facts and stats about animals, both familiar and rare! How Long Can a Fly Fly? will answer all your animal questions, along with plenty more you’ve never even thought to ask. This fun and educational book, good for all ages, is filled with fascinating information about animals, alongside unique hand-drawn illustrations that add to the entertainment. Lars-Ake Janzon is the on-call biologist at the Swedish Museum of Natural History, where one of his jobs is to answer visitors’questions. For over ten years, he has been researching things like: · If a mosquito is hit by a drop of water, will it die? · Are ducks faithful to one partner all their lives? · Which animals are the biggest or fastest? · How many acorns can a squirrel peel in one day? · Can fish swim backwards? The questions and answers included are imaginative and instructive, and Janzon’s style is accessible to readers with even a casual interest in understanding just a little bit more about nature.
Genre: Science & Math > Biological Sciences > Animals


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