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FBI Wonderland AKA Mad in Wonderland Series by Storykiller (#1-2)
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Overview: Storykiller is a mystery. He or She writes crazy books. They live in an asylum. Only leave to upload books. Otherwise, they are in La La Land which is accessed from a portal in the wall inside the cell. Storykiller plays a lot of Video Games, reads tons of books, and watches their favorite TV Shows — which Networks usually cancel after the first season, duh!
Genre: Supernatural Mystery

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1. Mad Magic AKA Insanity
When Alice Wonder was recruited to the FBI, she knew there was one reason. Because she’s mad, and knows how a mad criminal’s mind works. But when her latest investigation turns up not only a serial killer called the Cheshire, but linked to her unremembered past, she’ll find herself racing to stop him from sacrificing her friends. Worse, if she doesn’t use her ‘mad magic’ to stop him in time, the gates of Wonderland will reopen and its demons will walk the Earth.

2. Figment Magic
One of Manchester’s players was given a substitute ball, which they kicked and chased again. That was when the Wonderland madness began…
"I think there is something inside the ball." The referee brought it to his ear. "Listen."
The players passed the ball one to another, as they listened to something bumping inside it.
"It’s pregnant," a player chuckled before another snatched the ball from him.
"Get me a knife!" The referee’s curiosity ruled over any logic. "I have to slice it open. It could be a bomb!"
Somehow, right after slicing the ball in two, players began to run away in all directions. The referee who had the ball cut open was the first to run. He ran like a mad chicken, panicked by the egg it had just laid. Then the players followed. They couldn’t stand witnessing the horrible thing inside the ball. Most of the players ran aimlessly in the field, too panicked to look for an exit, going nowhere as if they were in the Caucus Race.

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