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Dragon Secrets Series by Jasmine Wylder (1-3)
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Overview: Jasmine Wylder is a Real Estate Agent by day and an emerging Paranormal Romance Author & Adventurer by night.
Genre: Paranormal Romance


1. The Dragon’s Secret Baby – I’m not pregnant, am I? How is this possible…I’m still a virgin.
Curvy archaeologist Dominique can’t believe her luck; she just uncovered an ancient Dragon egg! But she’s not the only one with her eyes on the prize. All of the Dragon clans of the area want to stake their claim. Especially that hot ass, annoying Virdi who sticks to her side like glue. Unfortunately, if she wants to stay safe, she needs Virdi’s help.
Emperor of the world—that’s what Virdi is determined for, and he doesn’t care what he has to do to see it happen. Luring women out into the forest is just one occupation on his mind. But now, Dominique with her luscious body and the egg…maybe he can have both, pleasure and power at the same time.
But the risk is growing; the Dragons are after the egg and Dominique, to fulfill a prophecy the world hasn’t seen for centuries no matter what the costs.
Virdi has to risk it all to keep Dominique and that little secret growing in her belly safe. Will they make it, or will it all break apart? Find out.

2. The Dragon’s Secret Bride – He has sworn it. He has to protect the future emperor. No distractions allowed, no matter what. But fate has other plans.
Sizzling hot dragon shifter Bryant Chandler knows his determination. His mate is long gone and he has no plans to find another. Now he has sworn to protect the baby who will one day rule them all. No questions asked. But the day luscious Esther put her bounteous virgin curves in close proximity to him, all bets were off.
Esther Doran, an archeologist, has her own problems. She can’t find anybody to fund her dream dig, and is starting to think that life just doesn’t want to see her happy. Until she meets that hot dragon guard Bryant Chandler and sparks fly immediately.
And then, one drunken night ends with them being married.
Who cares if he’s the most delicious, gorgeous man she’d ever set eyes on? Love wasn’t in the plan.
But when Bryant’s rival finds out about Esther and decides that she’s the best way to take Bryant down, the two are forced together once more. And when a sexy dragon is the only thing standing between her and death, passions might just reach the boiling point.

3. The Dragon’s Secret Prize – Kidnapped by an illegal fighting ring. Paraded as a prize. What else can go wrong?
This is the first dig on which Kayla Tucker is part of the ‘command staff’ and she is determined nothing is going to go wrong. This archeologist has plans for her future, and nothing is going to stand in her way.
No man.
No love affair.
No distraction, at all.
But then everything turns out differently.
Navy SEAL Shane Freeman has always wanted to serve his country. Unfortunately, when it was discovered that he was a dragon shifter, he was discharged at once.
F*** it! No way back.
This hard decision would tear anybody apart…but not him…it’s quite the contrary…it makes him stronger.
Coming back as the CEO of his own company, he finally can donate money to worthy causes and help people that way. And the fact that he’s funding Kayla’s dig? Well, that’s just coincidence, right?
When Shane learns that Kayla is in trouble, his Navy SEAL protector instincts are on fire. He’ll stop at nothing to save her. There is no way he’s going to let some slimy person win her in a fight that she had no say in.
He wants her to be his own. Even though he’d have to fight for her again and again and again…

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