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Connecting Emotions by Flynn Eire (Hounds of Hell Book 21)
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Overview: Hugh Macfayden has a hard time connecting with people. Not his litter, but others, and no matter how hard he tries, he just can’t seem to click. His mate was supposed to be different, the one person who would immediately get him and he’d want to be with forever.

Daniel Craigen wants a life of peace. After growing up with parents who make most demons seem mellow, he needs a stress free life to heal. He won’t get that being a saved soul, but he does his best to make it as close to a reality as possible. So when one of the Macfaydens introduces himself as his mate, he’s a bit worried, but agrees to go on a date.

But when the dates probably qualify for some of the worst in history, Daniel is at his wit’s end. A Hail Mary play goes wrong, and huge misunderstanding happens. Can Hugh figure out a way to make things right and have a real chance with his mate, or is there no way for their emotions to connect?
Genre: Romance, MM


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