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7 Books by Maureen McKade
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Overview: Maureen McKade has been making up stories since the moment she learned to read, write and string sentences together. Her first book, "Winter Hearts", published in 1997 was a finalist in the Romance Writers of America’s (RWA) Golden Heart contest, then a finalist in RWA’s RITA for best first book. Since then, she’s written thirteen more books and a short story for an anthology.
Maureen and her husband, a retired Air Force officer, now live on 40 nature-filled acres in southwestern North Dakota with their two French Brittany Spaniels and three cats. Her eclectic list of leisure pursuits include long walks with hubby and their two dogs, reading, wildlife watching, golfing, bird hunting, and puttering around in the kitchen.
Genre: Romance

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A Dime Novel Hero
Hard-bitten bounty hunter Jake Cordell, the inspiration for a quick-drawing hero in many notorious dime novels, returns to his Wyoming homeland to find his family ranch has been sold off. At the former Cordell home, Jake encounters Kit Thorton, a fiercely independent beauty who harbors a number of guarded secrets–including the fact that she’s the author of his flashy fictionalized exploits. Ads in "Romantic Times".

Ever since she was brutally assaulted, ADA Olivia Kincaid has had trouble trusting men, until she finds herself inexplicably attracted to a convicted criminal from her father’s prison work release program. But when a local woman is murdered, she must decide whether to trust her head or her heart.

Outlaw’s Bride
He was pure trouble for an honest woman…Mattie St. Clair knows that Clint Beaudry is a dangerous man the moment she sets eyes on him. Though she refuses the tall, dark, devastatingly handsome gunman a room in her boardinghouse, Mattie cannot turn him away a second time when he is carried to her door critically wounded. It’s best if she just lets this troublesome stranger mend and move on- considering the unwanted feelings of desire he stirs up within her whenever he turns his deep, dangerous gaze her way.
She was more woman than a man could handle…This beautiful, strong-willed widow does something special to the hardened ex-marshal with her tender, healing touch — tempting Clint to reconsider his vow never to let another woman into his perilous life. Despite her stubborn independence, Mattie’s barely restrained passion tells him that she’s been too long without a good man at her side. And since she and her young son both are in desperate need of a hero, what choice does Clint have — except to become one?

To Find You Again
For seven harvests, Emma Hartwell was the adopted daughter of the Elk tribe. It was to them that she entrusted her dearest treasure, a secret she can hardly bear. Now, Emma sets out to search for the piece of herself she left behind–and unexpectedly finds the love of a man who makes her whole.

Untamed Heart
Every time Tyler Ashburn sees pert Gabby Wade sashaying down the streets of Sawtooth, Wyoming, his righteous blood begins to boil. He’s ready to clean up this booming town, and women like Gabby — who owns a gambling saloon — make it unsafe for law-abiding folks! But even thought Tyler’s running for mayor on a Law & Order platform, he can’t help but imagine breaking a few rules…with the sassy, irresistible Gabby.Gabby’s worked too hard to let some high-faluntin’ fellow like Tyler tell her what to do — so she shocks the good citizens of Sawtooth by running for mayor against him! The trouble is, even though she’d like nothing better than to defeat Tyler, her rugged, broad-shouldered opponent is beginning to defeat her intentions…of not succumbing to his bold kisses. And as their campaigns heat up along with their passions, she wonders what the cost of winning might be!

Where There’s Fire
Shattered by her mother’s death—and the fact that the killer got off scot-free—Detective Shon Alexander is prepared to take the law into her own hands. Nothing will get in her way. Not her badge, not her big arson investigation, and definitely not the mysterious witness who seems to see right through her.

Winter Hearts
After leaving her abusive husband for dead, Libby O’Hanlon flees to a remote town as the new schoolmarm. Afraid of being traced to her old life, Libby is apprehensive of Sheriff Matt Brandon. Brought together by a young boy’s plight, Libby and Matt finally discover love–just as Libby’s husband arrives to shatter their happiness.

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